Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Well, I'm actually a day late. His birthday was the 30th but I really wasn't in the mood to post anything yesterday. He would have been 81. He almost made it. Jackie came out Monday afternoon (James told her to get going between snow storms). We didn't do anything really. I got to visit with her some Monday night and we took mama to the doctor but that was really all we did. I had to keep both of my grandkids Tuesday and it started snowing, so mother and her went to the grocery store and Kmart. I stayed in Tuesday. I kept getting sick at my stomach and had a bad headache. I finally threw up and felt better but still had a headache. Then when I called mothers Wednesday morning around 10am (I actually stayed in bed until about 9:30 because the kids came over and went back to sleep)she had already left and went home. Mother said she got a call that someone has passed away and her church was going to fix a meal so she went home to do that. She is always busy with something. I was already a little blue Wednesday missing my daddy and then I ended up getting mad when Tech fired Mike Leach so my attitude pretty much sucked. No one probably wanted to be around me anyway. I know each day will get better, I just feel real sorry for mama. She seems lost to me. I think she has a friend coming to Texas pretty soon, so I will probably take her to Jackies and let her take her around to visit some. Maybe that will perk her up a little. Well, anyway Happy Birthday daddy. I'm sure he had a better day than I did.