Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another week has come and gone

I cannot believe how fast the weeks come and go. Jackie was here for 3 days and it seems like it was only 30 minutes. I miss her already. I was just telling Lee, I don't know when I am going to get to go see them instead of her always having to come here. She's been coming out helping out with the doctor visits. I sure do appreciate it too. Daddy was having chest pain yesterday but I went over there last night and he said he felt MUCH better. He said he was scared. Poor mama is still sick. I don't know what's wrong with her. She did have him take her to the beauty shop yesterday. I don't know why she just didn't cancel it except she said she couldn't stand the thought of having to stand there and put her head under the water and she hadn't washed it in over a week. I went over there today and they were both just in their chairs. She says as long as she sits there she's better but when she gets up she gets real sick. She said she hasn't been drinking hardly any water because it seems like it makes her sick. I don't know what I need to do but I am going to have to do something this week. She told the doctor week before last she has lost 45 pounds since last summer. Please pray for them. Maybe things will get better soon.

I am going to try and put some pictures on here from our trip to the museum just to see if I can do it. If you don't see any then you'll all know how stupid I really am, but anyway I tried. Wow, I did it...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

Well, Jackie is here to help me with the kids. Thank Goodness. Had my neck injections Monday and am much better today. We took the girls to the Ranching Heritage Museum. They loved that. We have lots of pictures but I don't know how to get them on here so I will have to let Jackie add them to hers. We came home and I cooked steaks, chicken and hot links out on the grill. It was so pretty outside. Then we had baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad and rolls. It was pretty good. We sent mama and daddy a plate for their dinner. Poor mama is so sick, she probably didn't even touch hers. I guess I will wait until Tuesday and see what her kidney doctor says about her and then go from there. Something is wrong, hopefully we can find out and get her fixed up. Daddy is ok, just can't do much without getting wore out real quick. I fixed their dinner over at her house Sunday because they were going to have roast and neither one of them were able to do it. So I just cooked it all myself and called Jackie and told her to come on over to mother and daddys instead of to my house. She came over there so we left from there and went on to my house. If we ever get off the doctor trials we would probably all feel better. I go back on the 27th to the cardiologist and I think that will be my last appt with anyone for a while. I don't need anymore new illnesses. I wish I didn't have the problems I do have.
We also went out to the Coyote Candle Factory and saw all of the rustic furniture and wall hangings. That's a pretty neat place. I don't know if we're doing anything tomorrow or not, I would like to take Alyssa back out to TEGA and let her sign up for her gymnastics classes. She loved that. I guess I will send Lexi too. She will be almost 3 1/2 by August and I think she's probably ready. We will see.....Well, it's 1:25AM so I guess I better go to bed and get some rest for tomorrow.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, since we are on the subject of old shoes, let's just all get it out there about some of our memories from the seventies. I loved the 70's, hated the 80's, tolerated the 90's and am just pushing to get through the 00's.

I had penny loafers. I was so spoiled. As soon as something new came out I had mama going right out there to purchase it for me. Go, go boots ( I really think that was the late 60's), knee boots, but only the ones that would fit real tight around my calves and that was a chore trying to find those because my legs were as skinny as toothpicks, but I finally found a pair at Bakers. My penny loafers were the new style with the big tongue. Then of course we had to go over to the army surplus store and get me some hip-huggger bell bottoms and a body suit that snapped at the crotch so you wouldn't show your crack when you sat down and the wide belt to go with them. Now they just show their crack so everyone can see their tramp stamp tatoo and their thong. And my mama thought I was a hand-full. I guess I was but it was all innocent fun.

My dresses were sooo short I had to scoot in my seat at school to sit down. Then I had to be careful going up and down the stairs at school (my school had three stories and a basement) not only to try not to show my butt but also to try and not break my leg with the clogs or the knee boots I had on. Do you remember the platform shoes? I loved those. I had a purple pair that laced up that I wore with a pink zip up in front terry mini dress. (What the ?!!**? was I thinking?) I would have beat my kids to death if they would have tried to walk out of this house in that garb. I guess it's a good thing I got rid of all of that mess because I know they would have tried to wear it.

Who remembers tent dresses? Paper dresses? Jackie had one that looked like the yellow pages. Where did you get that thing? Leather skirts? I got in so much trouble at school one time. Mama (she was big on trying to sew for us, Jackie remembers the rain coats she made!) OMG! Anyway, mama had made me a light blue leather skirt I think with what she had left over from a jumper she made Jackie, and that was one of the most hidious things she made. It was so long, it came down to my knees. So you know me---as soon as she let me out at school, I ducked around the closest cubby hole I could find and rolled it up about eight times. I didn't care that now I have this big BULGE around my waist, at least I was COOL.. Oh, brother..Anyway, it only took a second for my teacher to realize what I had done and I was pulled out in the hallway and made to roll it all the way back down and she marched me right back in the room in front of all of my classmates. I was so humiliated. She should have whooped my butt. I looked real stupid because I also had on a pair of tan mocassin shoes.

Oh, and back to mama and her hidious outfits she sewed. This is no joke. She went to the store and bought some Naugahyde! Ok my Webster says: Naug-a-hyde (nog' e hid') trademark for an imitation leather, used for upholstery, luggage, etc. Do you see anywhere in this definition to use to make your stupid teenager a jumper??? Me either!! It was brown and it was HEAVY.. Anyway she did, she made me this stupid jumper that probably weighed seven or eight pounds and I wore it to school. Covered buttons and all. I'm glad she didn't decide to line it. Boy that thing sure was warm and did I mention heavy? I don't know who helped me get it off and on but I am certain that one person was not capable of doing it. I think today that would be called child abuse. That's probably really what happened to my neck.

Well I guess I better go for now. I will look forward to hearing everyones 70 stories. I have a lot more memories of some of the things my mama did to us I will share with you later. God Bless her.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No News Is Good News

Well, it's been a while since I posted on here, but I think I detected a hint from my sister that I needed to. I haven't been up to anything real exciting. There's not much out here in West Texas to get too excited about. Oh, I did purchase Brandy and myself a ticket to the Alan Jackson Concert. He will be here May 14. I wanted Jackie to go with me but she wasn't sure she would be able to. Alyssa was wanting to go but the tickets were too expensive and I don't know that she would really like it all that well.

I went to a "Momentum" Conference at my church Fri night and all day Saturday. It was really good. I left feeling real "lifted". Lisa Bevere from Denver, Co. was a guest speaker. She was good. She does a lot of good work and writes books. If you get a chance go She has a website that is good. She has been trying to get the word out about child trafficking. (sp?) It is terrible that those kind of things really go on. I can't even imagine.

I need to have a garage sale but I hate dragging all of my junk out. I don't even know what all I have. I bet I will run across something I've been looking for. Lee thinks all of his stuff is made of gold. Why is it that men hate to turn loose of their junk? They NEVER forget what they have either so you can't even like sneak it in because as soon as you do they will ask about it. I know he has some jackets he's had 30 years. Now if he hasn't worn them by now do you really think he is going to start? I think the next cold spell we have I will bring out his OLD and I mean OLD leather jacket and tell him he is either wearing it or it is out of here. He knows good and well he can't fit in that junk anymore. I know I will never be a size 7 again and if I am ever that lucky I am not going to wear that old stuff I wore in 1985. I am going to treat myself and go buy some new stuff. I sound a little bitter don't I? Sorry, I didn't get on here to vent so let me shut up now.

I went and got my hair trimmed today and Lexi stayed with mama and daddy. Before I left we were sitting in the garage and she looked at daddy and said "Papa, has your defibrillator gone off in your heart anymore?" She said "that scares me." She was over there in December when it went off and I guess she didn't want that to happen anymore. She's real smart.

Well, I guess I will watch Nancy Grace now and see what she has to say.

Take care~