Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My nephew all grown up

While I was at my sisters I was lucky enough to get to see my nephew. He's all grown up now. He brought out his girlfriends little boy so that we could go get some pics of him in the Bluebonnets. He warmed up to me real quick. He's got the cutest blue eyes. Jesse is so good with him and you can tell he really likes Jesse too. He looks like he knows just what he's doing on that piano. He may be a prodigy child who knows..

My 3 day vacation

I went to Jackies for 3 days and we had a good time. We went to estate sales and found some bargains. I think Jackies already showed them off, but we also saw the terrible damage left from the fires. Here are a few pics from the Lake Arrowhead disaster.

More hail storm pics

Hail Storm 4-16-09

Here's a few pics from the hail storm we had.

Ok, I'm a dumby

Sorry about the previous post. I'm not real familiar with how to layout the text and pics together. I think it's called "preview". I will try harder next time.

Easter 2009

I am just now getting around to post some Easter pics. We had a good day. We ALL went to church. Can you believe it? Our church is huge and it was packed. Several thousand people were there. Then we went over to Melanies for lunch and the kids hunted eggs in the back yard. Here's one picture of mama and the girls. She looks 100% better in this picture. I think she is feeling human again.

One down, one to go

Here's a few pics of us pre-registering Alyssa for kindergarten. She will go to the same school that her mama and Aunt Brandy went to. It's close to my house as I will be the one having to take her and pick her up. She's going to love it and I think I am definitely going to love the break.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Treasures

Just wanted to share a couple of treasures. One is an old milk can I painted and put a picture of Grammy and Grandad on. On the back is the dates of their births and deaths and on the sides are a special poem that is a Tribute to each of them. The first one is "Reminisce" by Ruth Harrel and the second one is "The Road That Leads to Home" by D. Sue Jones Horton. If you get a chance to google the second one it is my favorite and I want that read at my funeral.
And one is an old stove that belonged to Grammy and Grandad. Mother had it painted with a picture of Grammy and Grandads old home that we all remember as little kids. She gave it to me for a gift one time. I have the parts that go with it, so it would actually work if I wanted to use it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday is here!!

I love Saturday mornings. I have my window open and it is nice and cool and the birds are just singing their little hearts out. I have been sitting here thinking of what all I need to do today. WOW!! I really shouldn't be on here, I should be taking care of my stuff. Did I just say stuff? Yep, that's what I said and that's all it is, so it can just wait on me!!

Jesse and Jessica and Rylan are supposed to be coming to see us today. I hope he makes it out here. Maybe we will go out to eat tonight or go to the "Main Event". I haven't met his new girlfriend but I have seen pictures of her and she is very cute. He seems real crazy about her. Jackie keeps saying she may have to adopt her own grandchildren but she might better hold off because who knows, maybe she can have Rylan. He's a cutie too. Alyssa and Lexi are so excited. I told them he's little so they will have to be careful. He will love Alyssa's room. It's like being at Disneyland. You can find just about anything in there to play with. From cars for boys to dress up clothes and heels for girls! She has a really cute room. I sure hope he's tough, because these little girls will give him a run for his money. They have more energy than I can take!!

I bet Midway Records is out junking this morning and I Have Alot of Stuff to Say is probably working on some project. Possibly for her mother. Mama gave her a few little projects to do with some pictures. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Oh, speaking of mama, I went over there last night and she had all kind of stuff pulled out on the kitchen table. She had some pictures she had painted on canvas back in 1981. She really can paint. I think she's trying to clear out some of her stuff and throw it away but I told her to wait because she might be throwing away something Jackie or myself might want. She's worried we will talk about her when she dies. I don't know what has gotten into her, but she sure is starting to try and clear stuff out. She is feeling alot better and she looks alot better. Lee went over there yesterday and got their yard cut and cleaned up. It looked real nice. Brenda needs to get out here and do some junking. Mama told me she still has an eight track tape player and some tapes and some old 78 RPMS. No telling what all she has. I think Jackie and I are going to try and go through some of it this summer.

Well, I guess I will get started on a few projects and see how far I get. I hope everyone has a good day and don't forget to thank the Lord for letting us get up this morning.

God Bless You All.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Lexi!!

We had a good birthday party for Lexi on Sunday Mar. 29. Her birthday was 3-27. She is all into the movie "Cars" and she thinks she is Lightning McQueen. That is the theme she wanted for her party, so that is what she got. Here's a few pics from our day.